Very Top of Seattle — Queen Anne Sky Lounge

Not just the best view in Seattle! Seattle 1st trip 068

One of the Most Amazing Views in the Pacific Northwest!  Seattle’s best vantage point for fireworks!

An entertainer’s dream.  A rooftop hot-tub!

I’m sad to have to go!

But I’m getting married and must leave this 2BR, 2BA ultimate bachelor pad behind.  I’ll miss it like you can’t imagine — until you see it.  Then you’ll Seattle 1st trip 065understand.  I didn’t have a camera during most of my stay there (these shots are all borrowed), so I’m not even able to do it justice!  A well-known Seattle weatherman used to film his weather reports from the roof!  (Next to the Jacuzzi).

This Queen Anne “Sky Lounge” Guarantees the Best Views in the City! 

It’s a dormer apartment atop the highest point in Queen Anne, and it’s the city’s singular show-and-tell piece.  You won’t want to stop entertaining and having guests over once you lay eyes on it.  I constantly thanked myself for snapping it up.Aerie reflected

Look at this night view — the camera looks out onto the city (Space Needle in the center) while the interior is reflected off the wall-to-wall windows!

As beautiful as the place is during the day, it’s unbelievably cozy at night.  The city comes out to play, and keeps you company like a Christmas tree. 

CIMG5350Inside, it feels like a cozy cabin  or cottage – or the ship design that actually inspired its wood floors, walls, window framing, and beautiful, custom stained-glass features – suspended over the city of Seattle.  You won’t need a lot of pictures to decorate the walls here – it’s all giant windows.  Sit nearly eye-to-eye with the Space Needle.  Watch the flashes twinkle from the patrons’ cameras.

To the east, you will wake up to unparallSeattle 1st trip 025eled views of the Cascades, and sunrise.  To the south, the city of Seattle.  Mt. Rainier blooms out of the center of the city, and the Space Needle rises up in the foreground.  Elliott Bay, West Seattle, and Puget Sound complete your southerly and southwestern view (which you can see even from the all-tile and stained-glass shower), and then there are the magnificent Olympics to the west, and daily sunsets.  Every position in the living room, dining area, and kitchen has these tremendous and inspiring views.  Us in the Aerie 2.jpg

Such views are a cure for the cloudiest of days.  With all of creation  spreading out before you, you won’t ever feel closed-in by the weather – instead, it becomes a drama you watch change and shift before you, for many dozens of miles in every direction.  It’s as if you’re on top of the clouds, not trapped beneath them.  What could be a better antidote to Seattle’s only blemish?

Need even more pick-me-up?  You’ve got a beautiful midnight-blue indoor hot tub in its own room separate from the main bath.  It looks Us in the Aerie.jpgtoward the Olympics as well.  But the best hot tub of all is on the cocktail-party rooftop, where the perspective on the land- and seascape is even higher up, and unobstructed, and a hot tub for six people awaits you!

Queen Anne Avenue is only two blocks away.  All the shopping, stores, restaurants, organic groceries, coffee shops, video rental stores, and charm that Queen Anne is known for is within easy walking distance through clean, charming neighborhoods.Seattle 1st trip 056

Quick access to Highway 99 makes downtown commutes shrink to 8-12 minutes, depending on which side of downtown you work in.

I only wish I had taken more pictures during the daytime!  These will have to do until I’m back in Seattle to take some more…

Call or email Apple Property Management to arrange a tour now!  Time will be of the essence — few people can experience this apartment and not want to live there.

Location:  1231 Warren Avenue North, Seattle, WA — near the gone-condo former Queen Anne High School — but higher up!

Rent:  $2500, and worth every penny.

Other:  pets negotiable.  Two off-street parking spots.  Extra storage in basement.

Apple Property Management:

3050 15th Ave W
Seattle, WA 98119
206-285-2352 Office
206-284-9255 Fax

Would you rather talk to me first and get the honest scoop?  Call 503 502 5030 — Cameron.  I’ll tell you everything I know.Seattle 1st trip 058


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